Early Works and TV

Before becoming a movie actor,  Ryan did a lot of TV.
His first appearance on a show was when he was 11  and he and his sister Mandi appeared to a Mormon Talent Show. Ryan sang "When a man loves a woman" and both danced on the Everybody dance now sound.Then he won the selection in Montreal for the Mickey Mouse Club(a Disney stuff based in Orlando, Fl). The First Canadian to win it!

Here below the list of his works. Click on them for knowing more and watch video and clips.


1991 MORMON TALENT SHOW 1993-1995 MICKEY MOUSE CLUB 1995 ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? - Ep. The tale of the Station 109.11996 PSI FACTOR: CHRONICLES OF THE PARANORMAL - Ep. Dream House/Ufo Encouter
1996 KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES - Ep. Dragon's Lair 1996 ROAD TO AVONLEA - Ep. From Away 1996 GOOSEBUMPS - Ep. Say cheese and die 1996 THE ADVENTURES OF SHIRLEY HOLMES - Ep. The Case of the Burning Building1996 FLASH FORWARD - Ep.  Double Bille and Ep. Skate Bait1996 READY OR NOT - Ep. I do, I don't 1997-1998 BREAKER HIGH  1998 HERCULES THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS - Ep. The Academy1998 YOUNG HERCULES


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