Ryan Gosling to produce the movie adaption of The Underwater Welder

Ryan Gosling, Ken Kao, and Anonymous Content have come on board to produce a movie adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel “The Underwater Welder.”

At the moment there are no infos about directors, actors or screenwriter.

For thos who don't know the story, this is it (source: Wikipedia)

The Underwater Welder is a Canadian graphic novel ghost story published by Top Shelf Productions written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. The main character, Jack Joseph, is an offshore oil rig worker responsible for scuba-diving and repairing the rig. On shore, his wife is pregnant with their unborn son and Jack feels the pressure of impending fatherhood. On one dive, Jack encounters a supernatural presence at the bottom of the sea that puts him in contact with the ghost of his own father. The story explores themes dealing with the relationship between father and sons and memory and reality


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