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Hello everybody,
In the last weeks - the few of you who are following this blog - had surely noticed the lack of presence, the lack of posts about Ryan.

I've opened this blog filled with love for Ryan (and still I adore him as actor and I do believe he is a good human being) on October 2013.

I've learnt how to use html and I've created pages and pages about Ryan's career: from Dead Man's Bones to his TV series to his movies.

I've spent hours and hours writing all the articles.

I've been noticed by Ryan who let me have his official statement about Lost River in Cannes.
I've been reblogged and thanked by some of the biggest movie sites (BlackBook, Indiewire, The Playlist, The Film Stage).

I couldn't wait to light up my pc and write down every single news about Ryan in these last 3 years.

I've had a great time. I've really enjoyed this.

But now I'm not having a great time anymore. I'm not enjoying this anymore.
This blog has becoming something too hard to handle in this moment of my life.

My life may not be a happy one, I'm a lonely person in the end and I come home on my own every evening but I can't spend so much time on Ryan anymore.
You grow up and you realize you're not a girl  and Ryan will live without me as he has always done so far.
This breaks my heart because I've always been so proud of this small blog of mine and tears are in my eyes but I had to make this hard decision.

In the end this blog has always been quite ignored so I don't think you will feel the absence of it.
You will keep finding this blog up, I'm not deleting it. But I'm not updating it anymore.

https://www.facebook.com/RyanGoslingAddicted/I will keep updating Ryan Gosling Addicted on Facebook daily as I've always done in the last 4 years.


And I will keep uploading photos on The Gallery.


Stay Gos


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  1. OMG Ale, that's heartbreaking news! We'll still see you on FB, right? I hope you'll be in a brighter place soon! Pls do not hesitate to call on me if you ever want to visit London x x x Aga