New Monthly Film Feature with Murder By Numbers

Hello GosAdd,
January has gone for good also this year and, shame on me, I quite forgot to post about The Slaughter Rule. But I'm sure you will not even notice it as La La Land ruled the page.

Anyway, there is not much to say about TSR as the film was quite ignored and it has always been hard to find something about it.

So here we are with a new month. And a new movie for our Monthly Film Feature. And the choice is Murder By Numbers.

Directed by Barbet Schroeder, the movie is about 2 gifted high school students, Richard Haywood  (Ryan Gosling) and Justin Pendleton (Michael Pitt). They execute a "perfect" murder and then become engaged in an intellectual contest with homicide detective Cassie Mayweather (Sandra Bullock)

Released on April 19, 2002, in the US the movie was also screened at the Cannes FIlm Festival in May.

The movie is the fourth Hollywood film adaptation of the infamous 1924 Leopold-Loeb murder case
If you're wondering.. Our Ryan should be Richard A. Loeb (read more here).
The title refers to the song "Murder By Number" written by Sting and Andy Summers and performed by The Police, about planning the perfect murder and released as BSide for the beautiful Every breath you take.

Rumors has it our Ryan threw up as he filmed the murdering scenes.

So, here the usually question for you. Surely this time I will have my answer as it's really really an easy one:
What color is Richard/Ryan's jacket?

Let's start our Monthly Film Feature January.

Stay Gos


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