(NEWS) First Man: Listen to what Chazelle has just said...

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First man is the new project Ryan and Damien Chazelle will do together.

Digital Spy has posted an exclusive interview with the young Director and here is what he says about this new movie.

The tone is somewhat dark. We're approaching it as a thriller to try to get at how insane and death-defying everything was.

We live in a world now where we take it for granted that people did that in the '60s in these kinds of fly-by-wire machines before modern computers were even a thing, that we somehow sent people off to the moon and had them come back.

It's trying to get at the psychology of what it takes to do something like that - the near-crazy mentality you have to have to be Neil Armstrong, to be the first man on the Moon.

Hopefully we'll shoot it next year if everything comes together
Previously it was announced the movie should start shooting earlier this year; so I'd say the interview has been taken later in 2016.

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