Monthly Film Feature - New Year, New Movie... Find out January's choice.

Hello GosAdd,
and Happy New Year. So here I'm back with our Monthly Film Feature.

As you should know by now, every month we "celebrate" a movie with our Ryan and 2017 opens with a movie released on January 11, 2002 in the Us:  The Slaughter Rule.

This is a total indipendent movie. I think few of you have watched it, maybe you haven't even heard about it. But I had. And I bought it. And I love it!

This is the official plot for the movie:
A teenager at a personal crossroads finds himself questioning the things that have given his life meaning in this independent coming-of-age drama.
Roy Chutney (Ryan Gosling) is a high school senior in the fictional Montana town of Blue Springs. Roy does not have an especially close relationship with his mother Evangeline , and he has not seen his father in years.
That does not prevent Roy from feeling emotionally devastated when he learns that his father has killed himself, and Roy's self-esteem takes a beating when he is cut from the high school football team shortly afterward. Roy whiles away his time swilling beer with his best friend, Tracy Two Dogs, and falling into a romance with Skyla (Clea Duvall), a barmaid at a local tavern, but it seems Roy's short time on the high school gridiron impressed Gideon Ferguson (David Morse), a local character who coaches a unsanctioned high school six man football team when he is not delivering newspapers or trying to score a gig singing country songs at nearby honky-tonks.
Gid thinks Roy has potential, and asks him to join his team; encouraged by Gid's belief in him, Roy agrees, and he persuades Tracy to tag along. While playing hardscrabble six-man football helps restore Roy's self-confidence, he finds it does not answer his questions about his future or his relationship with Skyla, and when Gid's overwhelming interest in Roy begins to lend credence to the rumors that Gid is gay, Roy starts to wonder just why he was asked to join the team
The movie had been nominee at the Sundance and won a couple of festivals (Santa Fe and Stockholm).

This movie was originally released only in the US so I was quite upset as here in Europe we can't buy dvd or blu ray from the other side of the pond, unless your reader is zone free.
But I've found out a great thing.

The Slaughter Rule has been released in the UK with a different title that is Drive To Dream.
You can buy it online on Amazon UK. You can find it also on the french and german site but it's always imported from the UK.

And as usual, here is my question to test if you are  a real GosAddicted:
A now well known actress has a small role in The Slaughter Rule/Drive To Dream. Who is she?

Be honest and dont' go surfing the net to answer. If you don't know it, just say it.

I know I always suggest you to watch a movie with Ryan and I'm doing it again. The Slaughter Rule is really a good movie, with a great Ryan.
I'd say those who say Ryan has no expression should shut up and watch all his fimolgraphy.
And personally I hope Ryan will do again movies like this one. An indipendent movie.

Let's start our Monthly Film Feature January.

Stay Gos


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