(VIDEO) New clip from La La Land (SPOILER) and more...

Hello GosAdd,
Today's La La Land day!

Ryan and Emma (with John Legend) held few interview for the movie that will be premiered tomorrow Dec. 6 and will hit world cinemas starting on December 9.

You can pre-order your tickets on Fandango or via the official site for the cinemas.

A new exclusive clip has been posted on ET Online
and here I'm posting you. I'm honest. I havent' seen it! I want the movie to be a surprise so I'm watching the less I can. So it's up to you if you want to see this new brief clip. If you decide to not watch it, great choice but keep reading after it.

So, as I've told you above Ryan and Emma did few interviews yesterday and I've saved them on RGA's YouTube Channel.
Here I'm posting those who have been already uploaded. Bookmark the playlist for more in the upcoming days.

This one has been recorded in the Spring but released just now (as many more to come for sure)

That's all GosAdd!

Stay Gos


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