(VIDEO) - La La Land interviews - Aboot or About?

Hello GosAdd,
among all the news about La La Land , here I'm posting you now a funny clip. There is no spoiler at all in this one just a good laugh.

So you can watch it without troubles.

This is a small interview Ryan and Emma did with Canadian Tanner Zipchen for Cineplex Canada.
Few weeks ago, Zipchen posted a couple of screenshots on his IG and Facebook accounts and at the beginning I thought the interview has been taken during the TIFF held in September in Toronto.

As we already know Ryan is working on Blade Runner 2049 set since July and (for what we know) he has stayed in Hungary since then. He was back in Canada just for the Tiff for few days.

But after watching the photos I've realized this interview is much older than September.
Infact, I'm sure the interview has been taken between March and early May because Ryan was in "The Nice Good" promo mode.

Anyway, enjoy the clip and have a little laugh.

PS: Ryan says Emma is a hoser. In Canadian it's similar to the American "idiot" or "loser". Of course they were joking.

Stay Gos


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