(VIDEO - Spoiler) - Here's the Magical Music of La La Land

Hello GosAdd,

La La Land has been named one of National Board of Review’s Top 10 Films of the Year (Manchester by the sea with Michelle Williams seems to be the #1) and Lionsgate has released a new featurette for the movie (that I do remind you all will hit selected cinemas in the Us on Dec. 9 to open then nationwide on Dec. 16) where the music is the subject.

The clip lasts about 2 minutes and a half and, as usual, it may contain spoilers.

Once again I do remind you my decision to try and watch and read the less I can about the movie because I want it to be a real surprise when I'll sit in my cinema on January 26. 
But I'm also trying to keep you update as much as I can.

So, in this clip the music centered on Hurwitz’s elegant piano theme. “The first music I composed for the movie was actually the theme for the movie,” Hurwitz says. “I wanted material that could unfold on a larger scale and throughout the entire movie.”

Producer Fred Bergen says “We knew there was something kind of unique and magical about it, and it’s virtually never changed a note. We knew that was the rock and the core of the film musically.”

In the clip, of course, also our beloved Gos who says
“I practiced some of those piano pieces four hours a day for three months. I should never want to hear them again, but I’m still moved by them.”

Stay Gos


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