(VIDEO - SPOILER) First Backstage clip for La La Land

Hello GosAdd,
La La Land is already a winner in the Awards Season.

Ryan and Emma will be honoured with the 2017 Outstanding Performers at the Santa Barbara Int. Film Festival (on February 3).

And yesterday it was announced  The Palm Springs International Film Festival will present the film  with the Vanguard Award at its annual awards gala on Jan. 2 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

I have to be honest. As you should remember I've decided to take my pages in a easy way now. That's why I'm not posting you every single article, review, photos and stuff.

I've also decided to watch little clips for the movie. So I've watched the trailers a couple of times because I want to be surprised by this La La Land everyone praise so much. Even though, thanks to few eager journalists I already know how the movie starts; the first scene was detailed in one of the first reviews after the Venice screening. And the day after the same screening an Italan jouranlist during the News said how the movie ends. So, thank you so so much. You should write/say clearly you are about to reveal the best parts in a movie.
These are the reason behind my decision. 

And yesterday (it was late in my evening, I was going to bed) I've seen this clip on YouTube (and thank to Haydelis for sending me another link for it). I've watched and I won't watch it again, I promise.

In this 4 minutes clip you will listen to brief interviews with Ryan (Sebastian), Emma (Mia), Damien Chazelle (Director), JK Simmons (Bill), Rosemarie DeWitt (Laura, Sebastian's sister), John Legend (Keith) ,Finn Wittrock (Greg) and producers Marc Platt (Drive anyone?) and Jordand Horowitz.

You will also see Ryan and Emma rehearsing their ballet scenes but most of all you will see new scenes from La La Land.

My suggestion: keep the surprise for the day you will finally enter the theater. Don't read, don't watch interviews, don't watch videos. As I'm trying to do, knowing my "job" is to keeping you update as much as I can.

Stay Gos


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