(NEWS) Dreamers, the official trailer for La La Land

Updated November 4, 2016

Hello GosAdd,
In about a month La La Land will be released and now we have the official trailer: Dreamers

You can watch it on YouTube and here below:

And  the official La La Land page has just shared this new poster:

And we have also a bunch of official on set photos. In one we see Ryan with Damien Chazelle; the others 3 images are with Emma. You find them all in the gallery in the La La Land - Production Stills album.
Here below the one with the Gos.


Chazelle had planned on hiring a pianist double for close-up shots of Gosling playing, but near the end of rehearsals the director realized it wasn’t necessary.
"I started shooting him with an iPhone and watching him play the pieces to measure out where his weak spots were," he says. "But he was just nailing the pieces in entirety."
About his charaacter, Sebastian, Ryan says
"He’s on the verge of becoming a very bitter, angry person, but luckily he meets this woman who keeps him from becoming the worst version of himself."
Read more on The Hollywood Reporter site.The article is really interesting.

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