Monthly Film Feature November is for Dead Man's Bones

Hello GosAdd,
I know I know... Dead Man's Bones  is not a movie but Ryan's band, formed with his friend Zach in 2008.

But we're in November that is known as the Month of the Deads. Here in Italy we celebrate All Saints on First November but we remember all our beloved passed on November 2.
And... this is the thing a real fan should know, all the Dead Man's Bones songs were a kind of a plot for a movie Ryan and Zach wanted to realize. But the project was too expensive for them so they turned the plot in songs. So, in a way, the choice for the monthly feature is perfect, don't you think?

The Band released their first song - In The Room Where You Sleep - on Xmas day in 2008.

The guys did learn to play all the instruments needed, wrote and sang all the songs with children choirs.

In the clip above (and also in the album and the official videos) it's the Silverlake Choir.
When on tour the guys "used" local choirs and also (local) artists. Rob Zabreky and Noah Deshe joined them on stage.

Though DMsB released just an album so far, I have still hope a new one will be released someday somehow. Yes I'm a dreamer.

For knowing more about the band, here's the links (you find them also in the menu at the top of this blog)


Let's start with the Monthly Film Feature November.

Stay Gos


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