(NEWS) La La Land gets 2 TV Spots, bringing us back in the 80s.

Hello GosAdd,
Yesterday it was officially announced the release of the Original Soundtrack for La La Land (read more here).
And later yesterday evening (well, my late evening here in Italy) the official twitter account has shared a new teaser clip. But there is another one!!!!

If you don't want to know, be aware from this point on there will be SPOILERS. So stop here.

The 30 seconds clips are also available on the Jaguar Film Distribution channel in HQ.

Here its Feel Good

And this is Hands

A little curiosity
On Sept. 22 - on my RGA Facebook page - I've shared a brief article saying in the movie Ryan played Take On Me by A-ha (my forever favourite band) with a keytar. Well, the scene is in this new clip.

This is my original post.

You can read the original article on Vulture. Here below  an excerpt from it:

Sebastian is no happy keytar player: Forced to accept another demeaning paycheck gig, he dons 1980s duds and that humiliating keytar to play pop music at a fancy Hollywood garden party. Gosling proved to be no more enamored of the instrument than his character. Said Chazelle: “He likes to joke that on his first day on set, I had his character get fired by my actor from Whiplash, J.K., and on the next day, I made him wear a keytar. He was like, ‘I see what you’re doing here.’”

To compound his embarrassment further, Mia makes Sebastian take her keytar request: “I Ran,” by well-coiffed '80s band A Flock of Seagulls. I had but one protest for Chazelle, though: That song, as well as A-ha’s “Take On Me” (which Sebastian plays at the beginning of the scene), are delicious pop bops that ought not be treated as shameful guilty pleasures. “I’m glad you feel that way — it’s partly why I picked them,” Chazelle told me. “I didn’t want the music in a fun scene like that to be unenjoyable to listen to. I mean, I fuckin’ love those songs, but I know Sebastian would hate them.”
Now I'm still lost in the 80s and to me it's still the best musical period ever but many of you don't know who those bands are. So, let me share with you their videos.

As I've said, Ryan/Sebastian had to play Take on me (usually TOM ) by the greatest Norwegian band of all the times: A-ha (Yes, they still are doing great music).  You surely know them and the song as the videos has been the first one of its kind. The song was released in 1985 (well, the final version)

And this below is "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls (1982).

Stay Gos



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