Happy 36th Birthday dear Ryan

Here we are.
Today is Ryan's 36th birthday.
I've thought about this post for few days. What could I prepare to celebrate this day?
Mumble mumble.. a clip with his photos since his first cry?!
Mumble mumble... a collage of photos?!
Mumble mumble... a gif collections of his appearances in talks shows and premieres?!

I don't know how you "feel" Ryan.
I've seen him live when he came to Rome for the Italian premiere of  The Nice Guys  and I had a feeling about him. That is just a normal guy.
One of those guy you can find having breakfast at the table next to you in a bar, with a cup of coffee and a piece of homemade "crostata" (read it as "pie").
One of those guy you can meet at the Supermarket while making your grocery.

So, I've decided to keep things very easy. And the edit above is the result.

I have no hope Ryan will read this little message of mine, surely he doesn't even remember who I am (he decided to give to my little blog here his official statement about Lost River in May 2014 when the movie was premiered in Cannes).

So, I want to wish him a very happy birthday, filled with love and health, that are the most important values in this empty society we are living in.

Stay Gos


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