Monthly Film Feature - October's choice is.....

Hello GosAdd,
yesterday I've written a post on my Facebook page (read it here) but I think I could have been misunderstood.
My Facebook page is not dead, not even in agony. I'd say it's safe and sound. I'm just "slowing down" as I've explained. I'm taking it easy.

And to prove everything is not lost, here's a new montly feature on the page (introduced here on the blog) devoted to a single movie.
Starting from today, October 1st, on my Facebook page I will post stuff about the chosen movie (I'm slowing down so not every single day).

Of course, the Good Morning and the Good night pics are out of the "game".
The same for a news about a movie (at the moment we have La La Land  - to be released in December and in competition in many Awards - and Blade Runner 2 - in shooting in Budapest right now).

So a movie per month using the  hashtags: #MonthlyFilmFeature followed by the month (in Italian #UnFilmAlMese e il nome del mese in corso).
I couldn't decide what movie post first. Lars would have been the perfect choice as it was released on October 3 in 2007 but then what would have happened with Drive and The Ides of March, both premiered in September 2011? You could say Drive was premiered in Cannes in May and this is even worst because many movies have been premiered or just screened in Cannes: Murders, Drive, Only God Forgives, Blue Valentine, Lost River, The Nice Guys.

For this, I've decided to start with the first movie Ryan was in that is Remember the Titans and then going on per year.

"Titans" is a Disney movie directed by Boaz Yakin. Ryan played a really small role in it. Do you remember his name?

Set in Virginia in 1971 the movie is about racism and friendship and it's the true story of a newly appointed African-American coach and his high school team on their first season as a racially integrated unit.
Herman Boone (played by a great Denzel Washington) is the new coach for the Titans and he took the place of Coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton).
Coach Boone introduces a racially diverse team at the TC Williams High School in Alexandria. How will it go?

If you haven't yet watched the movie, it's the right time now.

The Monthly Film Feature has now started.

Stay Gos


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