(PROMO) La La Land at Tiff 2016 (Sept. 11 & 12, 2016)


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So, we are having a busy time following Ryan in Toronto for Tiff where La La Land had its North American premiere yesterday.

Ryan, who is shooting Blade Runner Sequel in Hungary, arrived in Toronto on Sunday (and a couple of nice hostesses on the plane shared their experience with us).

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During Sunday, Ryan had his first round of interviews. The very first one with Michael Philips for the Chicago Tribune and we know this because these are the first Ryan has said:
You’re my first, so I apologize if I’m a little rusty.
In the interview Ryan says the project was intimidating without being entirely foreign to his performance history. “I danced a little as a kid, here in Canada, in Ottawa at the Elite Dance Studio, and at the Top Hat Dance School in Cornwall, where I grew up. So I had some experience of having to learn routines. But that was a long time ago. And ‘90s hip-hop, is a long way from what I had to do here.”
Read the article linked above for more.

The same day Ryan and Damien Chazelle had a meeting with The Wrap. Here a brief clip (the only one available at the moment - click on the photo below for the video. Google Blogger does not accept the code!):


Ryan was very surprised and pleased about the speech Tom Hanks had on La La Land during the Q&A for his Sully in Telluride.
It was so exciting that he talked about the film because we talked about Tom Hanks every day on set,” Ryan said. “We were always referencing ‘That Thing You Do.'”
But yesterday it was the most busy day for him and the cast.

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But yesterday it was the most busy day for him and the cast.
Joined by Emma Stone, Rosemarie De Witt and John Legend they had few interviews.

With Variety:
Un video pubblicato da Variety Magazine (@variety) in data:

With The Hollywood  Reporter:

With the Los Angeles Time (click on the photo below or watch here)


They shot for photographer and then we had the Red Carpet

And the Questions & Answer moment before the screening

On the gallery, you find all the photos. I will later upload photos taken with fans during the premiere.

See you GosAdd.

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