(NEWS) - Weightless by Terrence Malick gets few release dates

Updated December 5, 2016

Hello GosAdd,
A little update about  Weightless.

The movie, that was shot since 2012 and features Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Michael Fassbender among others has for now few release dates:

These 2 dates have been "confirmed" back in August 2016:

👉 Usa March 17, 2017 (BroadGreen Pictures)
👉 UK June 24, 2017 (Studio Canal)

And now I've found out 2 more dates:

👉 The Netherlands - 4 May 2017 via CINEART
👉 Germany - 25 May 2017

The movie could be premiered during Belrinale in February 2017.

Keep following for more updates.

Stay Gos


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