It's La La Land day in Venice - First interviews released

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It's August 31 and La La Land will have its world premiere in Venice this evening at 7 pm (CET).

The movie is opening the 73th edition of the Venice Film Festival (#Venezia73) but - in respect of the devastating earthquake that hit our beautiful Italy a week ago - there will be no gala opening and no cocktail party.
Emma Stone with director Damien Chazelle and others from the cast, including JK Simmons, are in our beautiful Venice; Ryan couldn't make it as on the Blade  Runner set in Hungary (unless he surprise us all but I don't believe this will happen. Don't worry: he will be at Tiff in Toronto on Sept. 12).

Yesterday our Ryan tweeted the new poster "just in time for the festival":
And the first interviews with the director Damien Chazelle are coming.
Here I'm posting you few lines from them with the link to the original article and I will update this post with more in the next days.

Deadline opens the article saying La La Land is the perfect film to launch Oscar season as it is not only is a love letter to movies, to movie musicals, to romance, and to Los Angeles, but it is also an ode to people with a dream. Here few lines from the interview with Chazelle.

Damien Chazelle’s ‘La La Land’, An Ode To Musicals, Romance & L.A., Ready To Launch Venice And Oscar Season

“You know I was getting into musicals at the time. I played around with the genre even when I was in college. It’s when I first met Justin Hurwitz, who did the music. We were always talking about how cool it would be to try to do a musical that was very much in the classic tradition, but that was contemporary, that was about real people, relatable people, and that was about the way that sometimes life feels like a musical, and sometimes it really doesn’t, and trying to reflect both ends of that.”
“The whole thing was kind of imagining L.A. in your head, which is mainly how you have seen it in movies, and then coming to L.A. and the ways it lives up to those stereotypes, the ways in which it doesn’t, the ways in which it surprises you,” he said. “It’s a very strange,oddball city that I think is just kind of fascinating.” Chazelle added that his dad’s side of the family is all French, like Demy, and he kind of sees what L.A. is like to them. “It’s almost the embodiment of the romantic idea of America, you know, the freeways that go on to infinity, the big horizon, the big sky, the beach, Hollywood, you know the whole thing is so larger than life and so kind of iconic America in their mind. There’s a lot to play with there.”
The movie has a very simple plot to do just that. Gosling plays Sebastian, an aspiring jazz pianist who meets Stone’s character Mia, a waitress working on the Warner Bros lot who aspires to be an actress. Both are superb, showing great musical skills, with Gosling even learning how to play excellent jazz riffs on the piano. The film details the ups and downs of their relationship as each pursues their dreams in the not-always-kind town of Los Angeles. The musical aspect of the film also has its roots in a black-and-white 2009 movie Chazelle did titled Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench, a Harvard thesis feature that was in part inspired by the Demy films. It was his dream to get La La Land made, but it just didn’t happen, and he felt he had to make something, so the idea for Whiplash was born.
Entertainment Weekly  says La La Land focuses on the woozy romance inherent in carrying a tune – at least based on the two teaser trailers  that have been released for the film.

La La Land director on the 'timeless glamour' of Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone


EW - We’ve seen the trailers, which seem to show a very vibrant, robust movie. There’s a scene where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone float into the stars. What can you say about weaving fantasy elements into a real world situation?
DC - That’s kind of it in a nutshell. The idea is that you find magic within that real world setting. The scene in the stars that you reference, as you might have guessed, that’s the planetarium at Griffith Park.
Gosling and Stone have now been in three movies together. How aware were you of that built-in chemistry they have?
Certainly aware of it. It’s funny. One the one hand, they – for me – feel like the closest thing that we have right now to an old Hollywood couple, like Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn or Fred and Ginger or Myrna Loy and Dick Powell. There’s something about the recurrence of Ryan and Emma as a couple and about them individually as actors and the way they register onscreen – the timeless glamour that they’re capable of.

They’re very old Hollywood?
Yeah. And that triggers the old movie buff in me. But they’re also, both together and apart, very contemporary actors. Their style of acting is not what you would find in those old Hollywood movies. It’s more modern and behavioral and grounded. That was a great rare combination: the old star system persona aura and yet still capable of being real people who could be your guide to a thoroughly modern story. The hope was that they could do both, while also singing dancing, playing piano, and all the rest.
La La Land is coming. Let's wait for the first reviews about it.

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