(PHOTOS) Blade Runner is filming. See the 3 concept arts

Hello GosAdd,
for once I don't use the banner I've created for the movie and I'm posting you what everyone on the net is saying it's the very first official image (of Ryan Gosling) for Blade Runner 2.

But this is not at all a photo but another concept art.

If you enlarge the photo you can clearly read the name of Victor Martinez that is the concept designer for the movie (see on IMDB: Victor James Martinez)

According to IMDb the movie has started the production on July 11, 2016. So - unless the set is totally armored - we should start having some photos.

Here below the concept arts released as exclusive by EW few days ago. You can see the HQ on the gallery BR2 - Official Concept Arts

Stay Gos


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  1. Eager to see the film. Is Ryan taking the main role in Blade Runner 2 ?

    1. It seems Ryan is the leading man in the movie but there are no confirmations or infos about it.