(NEWS) See the first teaser for La La land and buy City of Stars

Breaking News - July 13, 2016

We are waiting for this and this is happening!!
The official and first teaser trailer  for La La Land  has been released!!!!
You can watch it in HD here below

In the clip, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) a dedicated jazz musician and his girlfriend Mia (Emma Stone), an  aspiring actress, struggle to cope with the pressures of trying to make it big in Hollywood.

The song in the video is "City of Stars" performed by Gosling and features the couple supporting each another as they cycle through various auditions, performances and rejections.

Few days ago the official twitter account has tweeted:

And this is!! The song is available on Itunes now (link). If you are not in the US, you have to spend all you credit on your local store and  then switch store (so so so unfair!!!).

The good news is you can buy it also on Amazon USA!!!!! 

The movie will open the 73th Venice Film Festival on August 31 (and it's also in competition).
It will hit limited US cinemas on Dec 2 then nationwide on Dec 16.

Stay Gos


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