(UPDATE) Ryan Gosling and the Untitled Busby Berkeley Project

Hey GosAdd,
during the Press Conference for The Nice Guys in Rome, Ryan was asked if he has other plans to direct again after Lost River.. And he answered he actually has 2 projects, one of them will be out hopefully next year...

At once, I was sure he was referring to the  Busby "Buzz" Berkeley biopic, rumored since 2014.
Back to that time, I've told you Ryan is producing this movie with Marc Platt and that Warner Bros has bought the option on the book  Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley  by Jeffrey Spivak.

Well, we have some updates about this project now.
The Title has changed. At the beginning the project had the same name as the book. Now it's listed as Untitled Busby Berkeley Project.

Ken Kao is now producing with Ryan and Platt (he was ex producer also The Nice Guys).

Tony McNamara has took the place of Nikky Rockefeller as writer for the screenplay (maybe along with Spivak who wrote the biopic).

And the status of the movie is now Announced.

I do remind you the movie is not a real musical but it should be a biopic.

Let's now wait and have patience. 

Stay Gos,


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  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Is Ryan scheduled to do re-shoots for La La Land or any further projects with Emma Stone, because according to some guy on twitter they were spotted "filming a movie" on June 11th, 2016. He has a pic in his comment section verifying his sighting. His handle: @TavinBoMarlor.

    1. Thanks for the photo. I don't know if they are reshooting or not. Maybe they are or maybe it was just a meeting with the cast for taking other decisions. Who knows?!