(NEWS) Ryan Gosling hosts Nicolas Winding Refn's Demon

Updated with the Q&A Clip - June 16, 2016

Hello GosAdd,
I know you are now wondering about the title (and the cover photo) of this brief post of mine.

Ryan is not in The Neon Demon by NWR!

The movie (already released in my Country and shame on me I couldn't go and watch it at once!) will be out in the US on June 24, 2016 and yesterday the US Premiere took place in Los Angeles, at the Arc Light cinema in Hollywood.

On the red carpet the cast of the movie: Nicolas Winding Refn and wife Liv Corfixen, Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks and Jena Malone among others.

The screening has been followed by a Questions &  Answers with Elle and NWR at the Cinespia Cemetery Screening on Santa Monica Blvd (Los Angeles). And here comes out our Ryan! Yes because he was the moderator of the interview.

On the official facebook page for the movie, the Q&A had been streamed LIVE and it's lot of fun!! Ryan and Nic are really an amazing duo. Watch the video here below:

You can see them on the gallery:

© Todd Williamson
 © Todd Williamson
© Todd Williamson

And here few videos from Instagram

In this one Nic wrote down to Ryan what he had to say about him (that he is a GENIUS and BRILLIAN BRILLIANT BRILLIANT )

By luck this one starts where the one above ends! Here Ryan said the audience could tweet him few questions. So Tweet me!!!
Un video pubblicato da Chris Gatpo (@mybadbabe) in data:

In this one Nicolas said he loves LA, that it's the greatest city in the world. He said it's great to be back and that he will be back... And asked Ryan if he would available and Ryan does the money gesture.
Un video pubblicato da @mistersunset in data:

Nic said something about kissing.... Elle said it's an exciting day for her because she has just graduate from High School (and we know Elle "loves" Ryan, another reasong for being excited, right?)
Un video pubblicato da Norio Chalico (@noriochalico) in data:

Stay Gos

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