(NEWS) Blade Runner 2 is getting closer

Hello GosAdd,
Blade Runner 2 is about to start the production in Hungary.

Ryan Gosling and his family (including George) have arrived today in Budapest, where the movie will be shooting.

The plot is still a mistery; rumors wants Ryan to have the lead role (and we know about this since the very beginning).

Over the last week, Steve Weintraub - Collider's Editor in Chief - shared the first promo poster while at the Licence Expo in Las Vegas

The movie, that will hit US cinemas on October 6, 2017 - is expected to occupy the majority of Hungary’s filming capacity and will be among the largest-scale movie productions in Hungarian movie history.

Shooting will take place at the Origó studio in Budapest’s District XV, the Mafilm base at the nearby town of Fót and the Korda studio at Etyek, near Budapest.

It was also said the set should move to Bejing after Hungay.

Let's wait and see GosAdd.

Stay Gos

Note: the banner was made by using the beautiful fanart made by Swedish artist Oliver Fetscher at ArtStation.


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