(DYKT) Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe: from the Nice Guys to the Social Guys

Hi GosAdd!
Everybody knows Ryan & Russell are right now in Cannes where their The Nice Guys has been premiered yesterday evening.

This is not a serious article, I'm not talking about dates or tv appearance or stuff like that.
This post is just for fun. My own one actually. I have to admit I'm a weirdo so I maybe see funny things where there is no fun at all..

Ok ok I shut up and I start saying what I want to say!

While ordering the photos from the Press Conference, I've noticed this one:

Ryan checking his Iphone:
I wonder if he was reading an email or a text..
But no!! He was taking a photo of the photographers and journos in front of him:

On his right side, Russell Crowe was taking photos (and if you have watched the Press Conference you know it).

And here we see it with Russell's eyes:

But Russell kept taking photos with his IPhone and....

Ok Ok.. I go away in silence and shame now.

My break is over!

Stay Gos


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