Ryan Gosling in Cinecittà Studios while in Rome.

Hello GosAdd,
So Ryan stayed in Rome 2 days for The Nice Guys promo. And while in our beautiful capital, he spent a morning at the Studios in Cinecittà.

We know his thanks to RB Casting . Here below I'm posting the English translation of theri article t

Rome, May 21 2016 – Ryan Gosling pay a surprise visit this morning at the Cinecittà Studios. The actor, in Rome with Russell Crowe for The Nice Guys' premiere wanted to spend the morning among the Studios in Tuscolana Street.

When entering, he recognised the Venusia by Casanova by Federico Fellini in the front lawn. “I'm a lover of Felline, this is Casanova's" he exclaimed. Gosling visited the permanent exhibitions of the Studios and pay a visit to Theatre 5 and wanted to see Fellini's dressing rooms. "I want  ha visitato le mostre permanenti degli Studios e fatto un sopralluogo nel Teatro 5 e ha voluto visitare i camerini che erano di Fellini. “I want to feel the atmosphere", he said.

Highly prepared about the production issues, Gosling has expressed to shoot in Rome, if a Tax Credit could be allowed.

Mr Giuseppe Basso - Cinecittà Studios' AD - spent time with Gosling, talking about the working of the studios and reassuring him about the competitiveness of the Italian system compared to the English one. "Having such a young and famous actor who asks to visit Cinecittà before an important press conference make you realize about its greatness. We said goodbye wishing to meet again in Cinecittà for a big production", Basso said.

Huge was the suprise of the visitors of "Cinecittà si Mostra" (Cinecittà shows itself) when Ryan Gosling walked through the streets on a golf car, immediately recognized by a class of English female students.

Credit: Cinecittà Studios' Press Office.
Actually I don't think Ryan will be back in Rome for a big production for one of his beautiful indie projects.

That's all.

Stay Gos


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