(PROMO) Ryan Gosling at the Ellen Degeneres Show (May 13, 2016)

So GosAdd,
here I am again.
As you can see by the photo above and the title of this article... This is about Ryan at the Ellen DeGeneres.

Ryan is today's guest (May 13) but Ellen herself started posted on Snapchat days ago. And yesterday this clip has been revealed.

Few photos are already on the gallery: Ellen DeGeneres Show (# 2 Albums).

A bunch of new clips are now on EllenTv. I do embed them for you here below:

The Talented (and Handsome) Ryan Gosling

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling's Herec

And the last one is from the Backstage
Backstage with Ryan Gosling

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo10:35 PM

    Kind of sad to see that, Ryan is obvious doing all this to promo his work and film that a lot of people had put hard work into, yet she turned the focus into his private life for an interview. Celebrity and gossip culture, I guess, and he knows what he's in for when he agreed to do Ellen.

    1. But Ryan played it well. Actually I dont believe a word about what he said. I think he was just saying a funny story for work. He keeps his life very private and I dont think he will sell his Esme or Amada for a movie

  2. Anonimo9:03 AM

    Haha is he wearing Ellen underwear?