(PROMO) The Nice Guys in NYC (May 12, 2016)

Hello GosAdd,
what a crazy day yesterday!!!!
All the cast of  The Nice Guys have been busy with a huuuuuuuuuuuuge promo. I'm following Ryan since 2012 and actually I didn't remember something like this!! 
And it's very hard to follow it actually. 
Anyway, those who follow me on Facebook may already have seen the posts but this is going to be a complete article. Since the beginning of the day: May 12!

#1 Good Morning America (ABC)

Early in the morning Ryan was live on this famous Us show.
We are very lucky as the staff uploaded the video at once on their official YouTube Channel:

On the gallery you can  find the photos for it: Good Morning America (# 3 Albums).

#2 Sirius XM's "Town Hall" (Satellite Radio)

This was a surprise!! I didn't know about the guys been at this Radio stuff.
Ryan was there with all the cast in New York: Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer, Director Shane Blakc and Joel Silver.
I haven't had the time so far but I will try and search for the audio of it and I will embed it here in case.

For now, let's be happy with the photos: Sirius XM's Town Hall (# 2 Albums).

#3 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Once it was Davide Letterman and this funny talk show was aired also in Italy a day later.. Those good old times...
If you go on the CBS and you're living in the US, you could watch the entire clip; for those like me who are living in Europe the clip is not available so.... Let's say thank you to the Late Show' Staff for the videos on the Official You Tube Channel.

Do you want photos?? Said and Done! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (#4 Albums) plus few more photos ready to be uploaded (maybe over the week-end).

#4 The Nice Guys Screening at the Metrograph

It was a secret till the end the place. We could find the time (7.30) but not the theatre. Now we know: Metrograph!

As for the Town Hall show, Ryan was there with Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer, Director Shane Blakc and Joel Silver.
Same dress as he showed up at the Late Show (I suppose the schedule was very very tight!).

Find all the photos in The Nice Guys Screening @ Metrograph album.

Stay Gos



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