(PROMO) The Nice Guys in London (May 19, 2016)


Hello GosAdd,
I'm back a little later to talk to you about the day Ryan spend in London last week (sorry but as you should know by now I had to pack up my bag and leave for Rome suddenly and couldn't do this before).

So, til the end we didn't know if Ryan would have been or not at the London premiere for The Nice Guys.

On May 18, Ryan wasn't at the pre-screening and on the Graham Norton Show his name disappeared from the list of guests in the Friday's episode (recorded on May 19).

But... things change so fast and Ryan could make his way to London!

So he recorded the Graham Norton show with Russell Crowe and he had tons of fun when Greg Davies told a story about the time he was in his 30s and was a teacher and ... and ... and... Watch the clip below for knowing more.

During the show also Ryan told a funny story happened to him but actually it wasn't a new one. He already told us about the Turkish Massage Guy he met in NY when he was at Jimmy Fallon few years ago. But here it's the clip

Then at 7 pm (UK Time) he showed up on the Orange Carpet (no no... it's not a mistake.. the carpet was orange like the main colour in The Nice Guys poster) at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square along with Russell Crowe, Angourie Rice, producer Joel Silver and director Shane Black.

Dressed in a dark green suit Ryan was really stunning (and tell me, when is he not?):

© Karway Tang
 © Karway Tang
© Zak Hussein

We have also the brief clip when they spoke to the audience. Well, it's mostly Russell Crowe who introduce Silver, Black, Rice and in the end Ryan.

Was any of you in London that evening?

On the gallery, 2 albums:

That's all from the London day.

Stay Gos


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