(PROMO) The Nice Guys at the AOL Build Speaker Series

My My!!!
The Nice Guys are tireless!!

This afternoon (in the Old Europe but morning on the other side of the Pond) Ryan - once again with Russell, Matt, Shane Black and Joel Silver - did a live session for AOL Build Speakers Series.

On the AOL Build site you can find 3 clips but - unfortunately - the embed link doesn't work so I will add just the link:

In the FIRST VIDEO Ryan Gosling discusses meeting legendary producer Joel Silver for the first time live on AOL BUILD at the AOL BUILD HQ in NYC.

In the SECOND VIDEO it's Matt Bomer who discusses his weapon training in preparation for "The Nice Guys" on AOL BUILD at the AOL BUILD HQ in NYC.

And the THIRD VIDEO is the longer one (34 minutes) and everybody is involved and you can also watch it on YouTube

On the gallery you can  find 4 albums for the Event:


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