(NEWS) Weightless: Ryan Gosling confirmed; movie out in the UK in 2017 (Updated)

Edit: May 25, 2016

Hey GosAdd, this is an update about the lastest post for Weightless.

In the end the movie will be released in 2017! This is what Studio Canal Uk wrote a hour ago.

 One Big Soul: theTerrence Malick Community  just  made a post reporting the reasons why  the British Board of Film Classification rated the movie R15.

The date on WEIGHTLESS BBFC record has been removed.
But the removal of the date triggered the publishing of the BBFCInsight report detailing some of the rated scenes of the film, today instead of on June 14:

"WEIGHTLESS is a drama about a series of interconnecting relationships.

There are infrequent scenes of strong sex, including one in which a man is seen thrusting into a woman on a table, and one in which two women kiss as one puts her hand down the other's trousers.
Infrequent sex references include a man asking a woman whether she had an orgasm during sex with another man.
Breast nudity occurs during a sequence in which a band plays music as topless women dance around them.
There are infrequent oblique drug references as some characters attempt to purchase an unnamed drug.
Infrequent strong language ('f**k') also occurs."

I will keep you updated as soon something new comes out.
Stay Gos

Posted May 24, 2016

Hello GosAdd,
Now this is what I  call a huge fab NEWS!!!!
Weightless (or Untitled TM Project) is no more a total mistery!

Reading on the BBFC (that is British Board of Film Classification, we discover that:
  • Running Time is 145 minutes and 45 seconds (precision, please)
  • The movie is rated 15 yo
  • Ryan is confirmed to be in, along with Fassbender, Mara, Blanchett, Bale (that said he would have been cut off), Portam, Kilmer and Del Toro.
  • Uk release date: 24 June 2016!!!!! 

     The Playlist suggests the movie could be released in time for Glastonbury, a music festival as the Austin City Limits (part of the movie was shot during the ACL back in 2012).

    Trying to track updates on a developing Terrence Malick movie always seems to fall somewhere between peering into a crystal ball and playing whack-a-mole. And that has been the case for “Weightless,” which first started production way back in 2011, and in the interim, has seen the filmmaker release “To The Wonder” and “Knight Of Cups,” while gearing up his documentary “Voyage Of Time” to arrive this fall. But it seems “Weightless” is now nearing the finish line.

    The British Board Of Film Classification has revealed that the movie runs 145 minutes and 5 seconds long, and have stamped it with 15-rating for “infrequent strong sex, sex references.” The BBFC also have revealed the credited actors, with the cast list including, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Haley Bennett, Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender, Val Kilmer, Benicio Del Toro, Clifton Collins Jr., Angela Bettis, Bérénice Marlohe, Florence Welch, and Holly Hunter. I wouldn’t necessarily take it as gospel, and who knows how long these appearances actually last in the movie (Bale only shot for three days, for example) but its a handy guide.

    The movie, set around intersecting relationships in the Austin music scene, apparently has a release date set for June 24th in the U.K. That seems….surprising….though it is the weekend of Glastonbury. Maybe the movie that filmed during Austin City Limits, and placed the actors in the midst of live performances by Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, Fleet FoxesBlack Lips, and Patti Smith, will have some kind of screening/premiere at the legendary rock festival? We shall see.

    If there’s any kind of takeaway here, it’s that it looks like Malick is finally finished “Weightless” (unless he decides to tinker with it some more). But my best guess is that it probably won’t see release until next year, and will likely hit a major film festival first.
    Studio Canal Uk is the Distributor.

    Fingers crossed!!!!

    Stay Gos


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    1. Anonimo4:57 PM

      I have never seen that behind the scene photo of Ryan with Cate Blanchett and Malick taken on Halloween day 2012: http://spooningmoon.tumblr.com/search/blanchett

      Sorry if you already knew it.

    2. Anonimo4:57 PM

      Sorry this is the correct link: https://path.com/moment/3ijIHc