(DYKT) An intimate dinner between Ryan and Russell.... or maybe not??

Hello GosAdd,
the promo for the movie is at its top and now Ryan, Russell Crowe and Matt Bomer are in talk shows.
Ryan would be host at:
  • the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on May 12 (with Russell);
  • Ellen DeGeneres on May 13;
  • Today show on  May 18 with Russell and Matt (it should be a recorded interview as the guys are in Europe).
But yesterday it was Russell who was at the Ellen DeGeneres show and he told about his first "intimate dinner" with Ryan; see the video  below:

And read the transcription:

“I called him and we made this little arrangement and lets get together and talk about this project. Just a quiet little intimate dinner. 

Me and my wife, I was married at the time, and you and your lady. And he was like cool, that would be so cool, just the four of us. So I told the wife on this date we’re going to have dinner with Ryan Gosling. She goes oh cool she didn’t really say much. 

But on the day, I was talking to her and she had invited 12 of her girlfriends. So I’ve told this idea to Ryan that he’s going to be having this little intimate dinner, but now I’ve got my wife and 12 and plus her mother. Her mother is now coming to the dinner and I’m like you can’t do that. I can’t do that. 

Well I can’t have him walk into the room with his girlfriend where there’s like sixteen women. So I re-balanced it. I started calling blokes. I called RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. I called Eli Roth I called all his friends and got them all together. 

So Ryan walks into the room expecting this intimate dinner party and there’s 30 people. I didn’t get to explain to him why until a couple years later when we actually started working together. I said, look mate you got to get along with the wife.

Stay Gos


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