(VIDEO) Ryan and Russell goes to therapy for The Nice Guys

Updated Regularly with new Therapy Sessions - April 22, 2016

Hello GosAdd,
The Nice Guys promo is officially started. Since days actually!!!!
So far we had a red alert trailer and an official trailer plus the detective agency ad (that in the end is another trailer).
And yesterday we had this:

A very funny clip of Ryan and Russel during days of couple's therapy.
Ryan is the one "who build bridges" while Russell "- brick by brick by brick - build a wall... The Great Wall of Russell. You can see it from Space!!"

And day by day they're adding a new clip, that is an extended version of every day of therapy.
Here I'm posting them all

Part 1 - Confrontation

Part 2 - Building Walls

Part 3 - Stress Management

Part 5 - Coming Together

Part 4 - Asking Why

So GosAdd.. The Nice Guys are coming.. and it will be lot of fun!

Stay Gos


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