(PHOTOS) New photos bring us back to Cannes

And to be precise,  to Cannes 2011 when Ryan, dressed in a Salvatore Ferragamo's pajama, presented along with Nicolas Winding Refn that masterpiece that is Drive.

How could we forget that festival?!

And today, 13 April 2016, the day before the first line up for the next Cannes Film Festival is announced, French photographer Jean Francois Robert has uploaded on his official site two "new" black and white photos of our Gos.

Actually just one of them is a new one. I'm referring to the one where Ryan covers his eyes with his hands; the other one was known but it was not of a good quality (it was already on the gallery).

See the entire photoshoot on the gallery.

Credit:  © Jean-Francois Robert (visit his website)


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