(PHOTOS) The Gangster Squad is back


3 years have passed since Gangster Squad  hit cinemas worldwide but yesterday the photo above surfaced Instagram, posted by the photograph Wilson Webb.

It's an AMAZING black and whit shot of our beloved Ryan and I've never seen it before. So I've searched for the official website and..... My Gos!!!! 49 photos from the set. Some already knew some never seen before.

These here below are those with Ryan

On the Gallery - GS Section you can find the original photos and those of Emma Stone (Grace Faraday), Sean Penn (Mickey Cohen), the Squad (Josh Brolin as Sgt John O'Mara - Robert Patrick as Max Kennard - Anthony Machie as Coleman Harris - Giovanni Ribis as Conway Keeler and Michael Pena as Navidad Ramirez) and others from the set.

Enjoy them.

Credit:  © Wilson Webb (visit his official website)


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