(OST/POSTERS) - The Nice Guys Ost to be released on May 20


Hello GosAdd,
The Nice Guys are coming in less than a month (well, for some of us at least).

http://ryangoslingaddicted.sosugary.com/thumbnails.php?album=908Yesterday over my night Instagram was filled with a brand new poster for the movie and I've found out about it just this morning (thanks to  Matt Bomer.it on Facebook).

So this morning I've searched (and found it!!) for the origin of this new poster (I know I know, sometimes I'm a real pain in the a$$.... Noah teaches!).

You can see it here on the side (and as usual by clicking on it you will linked to my Gallery where you can find the HQ version of it plus many more posters from different Countries).

Well, actually it was made for the cover of the OST tha will be scored by Lakeshore Records and will be available starting on May 20

If you're a lover of the old vynil, you can be interested in buying the score for the movie on it; so see my previous post for the Vynil collector's edition.

Don't forget to check the Theatrical release article here on the blog, updated constantly.

Stay Gos


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