(NEWS) Ryan, be careful!! This is Russell's advice.

I'm here again.
As I've told you in my previous articles, Warner Bros presented its movies including  The Nice Guys last April 12 at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas.
Ryan was missed but Russell was there with director Shane Black.

In an interview with  E! Online, Russel gives Ryan a precious advice. But we don't know if Ryan would ever listen to it.

The Oscar [Crowe] winner admits that the years of doing his own stunt work has taken it's toll.

He told me at CinemaCon that his The Nice Guys co-star Ryan Gosling was much more, let's say, participatory while filming some of the more physically grueling sequences for their upcoming action comedy.

"Listen, mate, I'm 52. I provided thousands of 100 percent shots over my 25 years of making movies," Crowe said. "There are just some sort of things I could do a certain amount of them [now], but I can't do a 25-take run. It's like, I'll give you two takes—make sure your camera's in the right spot."

He laughed, "That's just trying to preserve myself. When I was a younger fella and I was doing all of these 100 percent-ers, I remember a number of older actors going, 'Are you sure you want to do all that?' And then you know your Achilles tendon goes and then bone marrow edemas show up under your kneecaps. These are the things as you age that you go, 'Now I know what they were talking about.'"
Crowe says he tried to warn the 35-year-old Gosling that there could be painful consequences if he kept up the stunt work.
"I actually did have a conversation with him about it because I feel that's a little bit of wisdom that should be passed on," he said.
The Nice Guys director Shane Black confirmed Gosling's enthusiasm for stunt work.
"We trust actors to have a sense of self preservation," he said. "I think Russell had a little more of that than Ryan. Ryan was like, 'Let me just jump through that glass.' I was like, 'I don't want you to because if we lose you, if you break your arm, we're done.'"
But Gosling insisted.
"There was one scene where we let him go through some exploding glass, " Black said.
Fortunately, Gosling walked away without a scratch.
Ryan, Ryan.... be carefull! And listen to elder persons! Their advice are always good.

Stay Gos


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