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Hello GosAdd,
sometimes is usefull doing a kind of recap about Ryan's project. He has too many of them and if you're not following him closely you may lose something.
And yesterday has been one of those days where news keep coming out!

But let's go on by movie ok? Mind, all the release dates are for the Us if not otherwise specified.

 The Nice Guys 
(US May 20 - Uk June 3 -  Italy June 1 - Australia + NZ May 26)

Not a real news but a different article appeared on the May issue of the UK magazine Total Film.
It's an interview with Producer Joel Silver who explains us about the movie, the locations and how they shot. You can read the article on the gallery here.
Few photos has also been released  - courtesy of © Warner Bros via Total Film -. For a large versione  click on the preview here below.

Rumor has it that the movie could be screened at the next Cannes (from May 11) in the Midnight Section (in the Us the movie is R-Rated). It would be great having Ryan once again in our old Europe. Even more if you think The Neon Demon by Nicolas WR could be premiered during the same time (but this is my thougth as I adore NWR).

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La La Land
(Release date December 2 - limited - December 16 - all across US)

The movie was supposed to be out on Mid July but then they've decided it could run in the Awards Season so the new release is December.
As for The Nice Guys, this is no a real news but few words by Damien Chazelle.
The article has appeared on the May issue of the UK magazine Total Film and you can read it here.
Here a small excerpt from the article:

Chazelle makes a return to the world of performance, this time charting
the on-off affair between musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone). That relationship is recounted through – in Chazelle’s words – “a full throttle song-anddance romantic musical.”

His reference points strike all the right chords: peak-period MGM classics like Singin’ In The Rain, the work of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and Jacques Demy’s colourful French fantasies such as The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg.
Reuniting with Whiplash composer Justin Hurwitz, the two have fashioned an original score that Hurwitz promises contains “a bunch of songs and a couple of fantasy ballets… It’s all lush, romantic, 90-piece orchestra.” Little is known about the story, except that  Chazelle has long dreamt of bringing it to the screen.

 Accordingly, he promises something more light-hearted this time around. “My experience as a jazz drummer was just constant dread  terror and anxiety… With La La Land, it’s about love, and big dreams, and trying to navigate that kind of tenuous correlation between dreams and reality and what you have to do to your dreams to fit them into reality.”

 ” With Gosling and Stone on song, expect to swoon this summer”

(Note: the article was printed before the announce the movie has been postponed to December)
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If you are on twitter you can also follow the Official Twitter Account.

Blade Runner Sequel
(Release date January 12, 2018)

Yesterday it was announced Robin Wright is in the final negotiations for joining  Ryan and Harrison Ford in the sequel of the cult movie, released in 1982.

All the big sites have reported the news. Here I  report The Wrap

Director Denis Villeneuve and Alcon Entertainment pick up Ridley Scott story decades after original

Robin Wright is in final talks to join the A-list cast of Alcon Entertainment’s sequel to Ridley Scott‘s “Blade Runner.”

Wright, the current first lady of Netflix in “House of Cards,” will join the previously announced Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford under director Denis Villeneuve.

While character details and plot points are being kept under wraps, producers previously said the film will pick up decades after the original’s 1982 story. Ford will reprise his role of Rick Deckard. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble of Thunderbird Films and Ridley Scott will executive produce.
The shooting will start in July in Hungary (in the same area where Ridley Scott shot The Martian) and the set should then move in China in the Bejing Area.

The Blade Runner 2 fever is already among us. Yesterday Swedish artist Oliver Fetscher released the first fan art about the movie with Ryan.

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Weightless aka Untitled Terrence Malick Project
(Release date Someday Somewhere)

We all know how Terrence Malick is private and  particular. He doesn't write down a script according the actors and they have to act by improvising knowing a little about the story.
This movie is still a mistery anyway. We have photos taken during the shooting (you can find them all on the Gallery here)
We have also a brief clip taken in Austin where we can see Ryan and Rooney Mara together in the dark

We don't know when this movie will be released but there is a little news and I have to say a big thank you to One Big Soul The Terrence Malick Community on Facebook for sharing this:

[FR]~CHERCHEZ MA VOIX ;)Toute première expérience de doublage, avec une petite participation sur les voix françaises...
Pubblicato da Melissa Mars (Official) su Martedì 22 marzo 2016
Here what Mars wrote on her FB Page
I had my first voice over experience thanks to Sergine Dumais for the French version of upcoming feature "Weightless" starring an amazing cast: Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett to name a few... A completely new experience of Acting: just a few seconds are given to sync your voice and your own acting into what another actor did and prepared in weeks or months, trying to respect their work, personality, energy, given circumstances, emotions and keep it reel by being just behind a mic, not in the situation, not in the wardrobe, not with the other actor... crying on the go... Wow!!! It's pretty intense. A small participation but had the privilege to do it on an amazing actress to be named at the release. Hope to renew the experience soon. 

So they are doing the French dubbing!!! Though the movie will hardly be released any time soon, this is a good news. If they're spending time dubbing it... then it will be out a day. This is a hope more than a certainty anyway.

For more infos and news about the movie go and check  Weightless on this blog.

I think I've said enough. If you have any question all you have to do is just ASK ME. Here below or on my Socials.

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    You thank One Big Soul but the voice over news was on Weightless imdb board for some days before ( from someone who has no link with One Big Soul) and in fact the news first came from Natalie Portman fansite comments section. One big Soul should say where they got the news from but they rarely do it... They are the not the only source for Malick news.

    1. Thanks for letting me know this. It appeared on my dashboard and I thankt One Big Soul because they share it. But I've posted the original post of the French actress.