(NEWS) - The Nice Guys are back... plus a Giant Bee!

Hello GosAdd,
It's a pity I'm living on the other side of the pond.. Yes because the news arrive always when I'm sleeping (as you all know I'm from Italy so there is at least 6 hours between me and the Us).
Anyway, this morning my e-mail account was filled with alerts about the brand new The Nice Guys trailer.
I have to admit the red one released back in December was much more funny and more aggressive. But I love this one too. And really I can't wait for the movie to be released also in my own Country (betwen May 20 and June 1).
There is just a but about the movie out in my Country... The dubbing: listening to a dubbed Ryan crying and screaming will be a torture.

This is the HD trailer (obviously it contains tons of SPOILERS so if you don't want to know.. STOP HERE).

The first scene in this trailer is hilarious.
Holland March (and I'm sure Ryan will make us lolling very bad with this role) sits in front of Mrs Miller whose husband is missed since..... the day of his funeral (note how Holland looks at the urn with Fred Miller's ashes!).

And what about Holland trying to enter in a shop/house by breaking the glass door? There is a lot of blood!! Blood.... Poor Holland! He is very sensitive. He keeps fainting and crying and screaming...

In the trailer more views of Matt Bomer (the badass), Kim Basinger (whose daughter Amelia played by Margaret Qualley is missing) and Angourie Rice (Holly, that seems to be a lot smarter and tougher than his dad).

Let me know your opinion about this trailer, what do you expect from this movie? Do you like the role Ryan's playing?

On the gallery you can now find the Screencaptures from the official trailer.

Stay Gos


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