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Last update - May 6,  2016

The Big Short has been  released in many theaters all around the World and it's time to think about the dvd/blu ray.
Recently I have been a little lazy about Ryan but this is mostly due to my health. But this morning I woke up asking myself: but the movie will be out very very soon for home video... and yes!! It's time!!!

As you know I always refer to Amazon and - if available - ITunes as online stores (the ones I've tried and the ones I'me sure about). So here I will post all the links for (pre-)order your copy of this movie.

Here we go!

On (so in the USA) you can preorder it
*** Digital Download - March 15, (US site) or ITunes
*** Dvd  - March 15. (US site)
*** Blu Ray - March 15, 2016 (US site)

As for Canada, you can buy movie as import (so, check if it's cheap to buy in from Amazon.US).
*** BR + Dvd + Digital  - March 15, (Canadian site) or ITunes
*** Dvd  - March 15. (Canadian site)
*** Blu Ray - March 15, 2016 (Canadian site)

If you're living in old Europe (and in every other Country where Region 2 dvd are supported) and you are confident with the English language (usually the subs are always available and the movie is also dubbed in foreign languages. At the moment the only language reported on Amazon is just English)
 *** Digital Download  - May 30. (UK site)
 *** Dvd  - May 30. (United Kingdom site)
*** Blu Ray - May 30, 2016 (United Kingdom site)

There is a date also for us Italians
 *** Dvd  - May 4. (Italian site)
*** Blu Ray - May 4, 2016 site)

The movie is available for the German market:
*** DVD - Out (German site).
*** Blu ray - Out (German site).

There is a date also for France:
 *** Dvd  - May 23. (French site)
*** Blu Ray - May 23, 2016 (French site)

The movie is ready for the pre-order for the Spanish market:
*** DVD - Out 25 (no link at the moment).
*** Blu ray - Out 25 (Spanish site).

La Gran Apuesta can be pre-ordered also in Mexico.
*** Blu Ray - May 13, 2016 (Mexican site)

Not yet available

Stay Gos


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