(PHOTOS) - Ryan Gosling got upset by Brad Pitt.....

So yesterday it was the Golden Globes night... The Big Short had 4 nominations but - unfortunatetly - no awards in the end.

Ryan Gosling (dressed with a white tuxedo by Ralph Lauren and Gucci' shoes) was there with some of the cast (Bale, Carell, Pitt, I couldn't find McKay around).

And along with Brad Pitt he went on stage and... Brad Pitt entered by saying "Hi Ryan" and Ryan answered "Yeah... Whatever...."
You have to watch this funny video

There aren't many photos as Ryan didn't walk the red carpet. Here below the links:

Photo Credit ©  Charley Gallay // © Larry Busacca  // © Handout  // © Michael Kovac  (all via © Getty Images) 


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