Ryan Gosling hosted the SNL

Hello GosAdd,
Sorry for posting just now but my PC home is not working properly and honestly fighting for making a post is not the best day to make my day. Anyway, those who are following me on Facebook have already watched the videos and the photos

So, I still have to watch the real show and all I've watched so far are the videos uploaded on you tube. I don't think it's useless to post them all here so... I'm posting just my fave  that is Santa Baby.

I've created also a playlist on my YouTube channel so you can watch the official videos (uploaded by the SNL Channel) and also some videos uploaded by fans or others.

I've also uploaded about 30 official photos from the set like this one (by clicking on the photo you will redirect to the Gallery so you can see all of them)

Photo Credit © Dana Edelson/NBC - Click here for more

And 8 beautiful photos taken for the promo.

Photo Credit © Mary Ellen Matthews - Click here for more.

That's all!

Stay Gos


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