(NEWS) The Big Short Roundtable by THR


These days are better than Christmas Eve my GosAdd,
In a couple of hours (the hours that took me to come back home after work!!!!) we  had the huge surprise about The Nice Guys and interview with The Hollywood Reporter (with beautiful shots).

Here below you can watch the video interview (it's about 36 minutes)

http://ryangoslingaddicted.sosugary.com/thumbnails.php?album=911And I have to admit I couldn't watch it totally as my home pc is quite freakish and don't let me start with the tablet (techies!!)

The Hollywood Reporter has dedicated the cover of its December 11 issue to To The Big Short. So you can go and buy the magazine. Or read the article online. It's your choice.

On the Gallery you can also find the beautiful shots taken during the meeting; this is a preview.


I have to say Ryan looks really AMAZING in these shots. Do you agree?

Stay Gos


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