(VIDEO) - The Big Short - 4 exclusive clips and...

Hello GosAdd,
here I am again, talking about  The Big Short.
Well actually I'm not talking but I'm sharing 4 clips released yesterday and appeared on Indiewire (thanks for them!).

So, 4 clips. One for each character.

Ryan Gosling as Jared Vennett - Jacked to the tits

Steve Carell as Mark Baum - You hate your job

Christian Bale as Michael Burry - Office Confrontantion

Brad Pitt as Ben Rickert - Wrong Number

And that's not all again!!!!
On YouTube you can find interviews and b-roll from the set. This is  the interview with Ryan (of course):

For more you can connect to Screenslam Channel.
Before greeting you... I've read a couple of reviews - just a couple as I need to watch a movie with my own eyes and judge it on my own taste.... - and they're very positive.

Said this.... Stay Gos


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