Ryan Gosling teaches us the correct pronounce for Saoirse

Hello my GosAdd and happy Monday.
Here we are again, in November. A very interesting month I'd say.
Why?? Well..
First at all our beloved Ryan will turn 35 in 10 days (November 12).
Second, on the same day The Big Short will have its world premiere as closing movie at the 29th AFI FEST in Los Angeles.
Third, yesterday Ryan attended as presenter at the 19th Hollywood Awards, the opening ceremony of the Season Awards.

The show was not broadcasted on TV but... they showed it on Twitter! So we have a great video with our beloved Ryan introducing the amazing Saoirse Ronan who won the New Hollywood Award for her Brooklyn.
Ryan also taught us how to pronounce her name (I do remind you all she is Irish)..

but poor Ryan wronged her surname..
Dearest it's not ROHAN.. but RONAN!! And she went on the stage to tell him. Of course this was a joke.. He could pronounce correctly her name and not her simple surname.

Anyway, Ryan did a great job introducing Saoirse (who was in his Lost River as Rat) and I'd say he is really a great great comedian, even though this time he was reading what was written for him.

Here you can see the video and have a laugh.

Not only we have this funny video but we have also few photos that you can already see on the Gallery.
- 29 HQ Photos taken during the show;
- 66 Photos taken in the Press Room after the show.
Ryan didn't walk on the red carpet as there is no evidence.

Surely there will be tons of more photos; actually I've got a bunch of them tagged and I'm not sure I will upload them. More or less they're all the same.

For the photos,  Credit to: © Getty Images /  © Steve Granitz / © Mike Windle / © Christopher Polk  /  © Jason Merritt / © Kevin Mazur / © Kevin Winter  / © Lester Cohen / © John Salangsang / © BFA.com

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo3:17 PM

    it`s good to see him again...especially the typical ryan-facial expressions and body language I`ve missed so much. I`m so thrilled to see him in upcoming movies