Pa Pa Power.. where is the original video?

Hello GosAdd
I'm back!! It's weird I know... I may be silent for days and then I keep "spamming" your email with updates on the blog....
Well, actually few persons are subscribed to the newsletter.... As long as I run this blog with love and passion I don't care.

So today I want to talk to you about this photo appeared on November 17 (2015) on Instagram.

Una foto pubblicata da Kevin Beauchamp (@deaddeadgood) in data:

I know what you're thinking....
Why do you need to talk to us about a photo?? We can see it with our own eyes. What's the need to explain it?

Ok.. you're right but I love to talk about Ryan and stuff about him. Sometimes I think I'm over with all of this as I'm not a girlie anymore but suddenly I realize he is more important to me than I can admit (what a fool yes I am).

Anyway, I've asked for the year of this photo. The video we know for Pa Pa Power was shot in a nursing house near LA in 2011 (and Steve Carell told us this), during a break from the Crazy Stupid Love shooting.
In this photo Ryan is slightly different from Jacob... So I've asked Kevin for it.

He told me (you can also read the conversation on Instagram) that this version was shot in a forest featuring the kids from the album playing "war". Cool concept and Ryan was one of the nicest people I've ever met. Incredibly humble and down to earth.

He also added he couldn't recall the year  but he was sure it was BEFORE Ryan did Drive (that  was shot since October 2010).

So, I suppose this photo is from early 2010. Dead Man's Bones did a lot of touring in 2009 and maybe they were too busy for shooting a video.

We have this video...

shot in a forest (George is in too) with the kids and  uploaded on the official Dead Man's Bones You Tube Channel in June 2011. But Kevin is sure this is not from that shot and the song clearly IS NOT Pa Pa Power.

So the mistery remains. Why the video has never been released?? Will we ever see it??? 
Only Ryan and Zach can answer us. 

Guys, if  you're there reading... please tell us.

That's all. I will be silent for a while now.

Stay Gos


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