(NEWS) Blade Runner 2 - Mr Scott talks a lot....

Hey GosAdd,
this is a news about  Blade Runner. Actually it was a news last Friday and I've posted it at once on my Facebook page but over the week-end I rarely light on my home pc.....

So here I am now. For saying you that Mr. Scott is really a big chatter!! Oh yes.. He is.

Not only he revealed  the opening scene for the movie, he said also the location where the movie will be shot.

Dark Horizons is reporting this:

At today's press conference in Sydney announcing the planned start production on "Alien: Covenant" in Australia in March, filmmaker Ridley Scott also talked a bit about some far future projects he has planned.

First up, the "Blade Runner" sequel which he will write and which Denis Villeneuve will direct. Scott confirms that the film will be primarily shot on sound stages in Budapest, Hungary - the same facility which he shot "around 94%" of this year's sci-fi hit 'The Martian'". Additional shooting will take place in Beijing, China.

Source: Dark Horizons
That's all for now. Let's wait for more talking

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