Blue Valentine and the use of Blue and Red.

Hello GosAdd,
this is a post about Blue Valentine , one of the best movies ever made in my opinion (and not only because of The Gos!)
You all know that personally I do adore Nicolas WR style and I'm not crazy about Cianfrance's (Pines is not that bad but is too long and misses something, maybe he wanted to do more) but I really believe in all his career (and Derek, if you're reading this I'm sorry but this is my opinion) he couldn't repeat the masterpiece that Blue is.

Everything was perfect: the cast, the story (fall in and out of love, though by a pic from a - maybe - deleted scene that love is back in the end), the soundtrack.
This is a deleted scene: Dean is caressing Cindy's bell: she is pregnant.
Yesterday The Playlist/Indiewire shared the video above from Between Frames

It’s about the use of colors Blue and Red by Cianfrance in Blue Valentine.
I’m repeating myself for those who are also on Facebook, but you never stop learning and noticing things.
I’ve never noticed the use of these 2 colors and this video opened my eyes. And now I appreciate this movie (that yet is one of my favourite one of all the times) a little more.

What do you think? What's your opinion about Blue Valentine?

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo1:27 PM

    great article...again! yes it was perfect. a masterpiece. my sister and I cried together at the end of the was a very emotional moment for us. We will always remember this movie. and I hope Ryan will play in an indie movie,soon.

  2. Actually, Ryan keeps working as indie actor. The Nice Guys, even if WB bought the rights is an indipedent movie so it's The Big Short (Paramount at its back but produced by Plan B).