(NEWS) Weightless - Patti Smith could appear in the movie.

Hello GosAdd,
Weightless (or Untitled TM Project) is still a mistery. The name is still officially unconfirmed, we have no release date, no trailer, no official photo, just rumors it may be premiered during a festival (Berlin???) next year.
But now we have Rooney Mara who said a little stuff about it.

Interviewed by  Annie Clark for Interview Magazine,   she revealed....

CLARK: It was 2012. The first time I met you I was supposed to give you a guitar lesson.

MARA: What was that place called?

CLARK: Electric Lady Studios. Patti Smith was recently there doing a private show of Horses.

MARA: She was on the Terrence Malick movie I did. She shot, like, three days. I don't know if she'll end up in the cut, but her first day, she knocked on my trailer door—I hadn't met her yet—and she introduced herself, because she was a huge fan of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was like [screams]. We had scenes together where she's showing me stuff on the guitar, and then she does a show in Austin. They really wanted me to go out on stage and play with her, which I refused to do. But she put a chair on stage for me to sit and played a song to me. It was amazing. She was playing herself but giving my character all this advice. And it was actually really good advice, all about relationships.

CLARK: So in the movie she's "Patti Smith."

MARA: She's playing herself. My character idolized her.

CLARK: Who is your character in the movie?

MARA: I have no idea.

Are you Patti Smith's fan? I'm not. Anyway, knowing Malick is not sure she will be in at the end.
And it's interesting Rooney herself doesn't know what her role was...

Only Terrence Malick can help us!

Stay Gos


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