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Updated Regularly with new dates - last 23 Dec. 2015

So GosAdd,
Yesterday Paramount Pics released the first trailer for  The Big Short and we have the official release dates in the US.
On the official site you can find ALL the release dates.

Here below few dates:
Here we go:
CountryRelease Date
USA (AFI Fest in Los Angeles)
12 November 2015
USA (limited release)11 December 2015
Dubai Film Festival16 December 2015
USA 23 December 2015
23 December 2015
Germany7 January 2016
South KoreaJanuary 2016
Italy (Universal - La Grande Scommessa)7 January 2016
Argentina7 January 2016
Mexico8 January 2016
Turkey (Büyük Açık)8 January 2016
Brazil (A Grande Aposta)14 January 2016
Portugal (A Queda de Wall Street)14 January 2016
Russia (Игра на понижение)14 January 2016
Ukraine14 January 2016
Spain22 January 2016
The Netherlands 21 January 2016
UK // Ireland22 January 2016
Singapore 28 January 2016
Denmark28 January 2016
Norway29 January 2016
Sweden29 January 2016
Hungary (A nagy dobás)4 February 2016
Estonia (A nagy dobás)5 February 2016
Finland19 February 2016

That's all for now.

Stay Gos


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