(NEWS) THE BIG SHORT - The first trailer and a big announce too.

Do you remember that I 've told you The Big Short could have been released before the end of the year??

Well, this is it!!! Paramount Pictures has just released the first trailer for the movie (thanks to my GosAdd Isabella for the warning).

Paramount has also announced the movie will close AFI Fest on Nov. 12 before hitting theaters  in limited release December 11 and nationwide on December 23 (in the US).

The movie is released during the Season Awards and some alrady says it could run for the Academy..

These are great great news, don't you think?

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo12:24 PM

    wow, looks very interesting, I`m totally going to watch this movie. For a sec I thought Brad was Robert Redfort and people are still comparing Gosling with Reynolds -.- they do not look alike, it`s getting annoying.

    1. I will watch it too for sure. Honestly I don't know why they keep confusing Ryan with the other one... Who knows?!